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New 'Festive Fun' from Trollbeads

November 2009

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If you are looking for something extraordinary then think “Out Of the Box” with Trollbeads new trio of unusual designs created by talented sculptors from the Netherlands, United States and Denmark.
These clever, intricately sculpted beads in sterling silver make a really different Christmas gift.

Find-your-pet with American designer Jamie North’s menagerie of animals in this quirky bead reflect the legendary Trollbeads design of eight faces sharing only four sets of eyes.

Take a Walk with designer Marjorke van de Plasscheand from the Netherlands, who celebrates the most simple and green form of human transport symbolised by tiny shoes and feet in this fascinating bead.
Or bring a bit of magic “Out of the Box” with Martin Bruun’s Danish design of the Magician himself, climbing out of his own hat with a rabbit under his arm.

Priced at £42 and £48, these exceptional silver beads are really something to talk about, adding a little festive fun to the Christmas celebrations.
Lovers of the more traditional can choose from four new seasonal beads which capture the spirit and joy of Christmas.

For a really special gift, the beautiful Angel’s Feathers bead is a precious piece of pure gold heaven for someone very dear. At £489 this is a truly exceptional and unique gift, designed by Italian designer, Beedetta Romita in 18ct gold, or in silver at £38.00.

Sure to strike a chord with music lovers, the Hallelujah bead, designed by Australian, Milly Page, celebrates the miracle of Christmas with musical notes reflecting the joyous Hallelujah chorus from Handel’s famous Messiah. Available in sterling silver at £42, or in 18ct gold & silver at £272.

Completing the festive line up, the lovely glass Silver Trace bead featuring small drops of fine silver backed by a blanket of gold comes from Danish Trollbeads designer Lise Aagaard herself.

At only £32 this bead is a delightful Christmas addition to any collection.
Combining creativity and tradition the original and authentic Trollbeads Christmas collection captures the imagination with something special for everyone.